,Lincoln Creek runs for 6 miles as an open body of water, from Havenwoods to Lincoln Park.  In stark contrast to the beautiful Milwaukee River Greenway, many of Lincoln Creek’s segments are trash-filled, neglected and inaccessible.  For this reason, Nearby Nature is hosting a series of “Lincoln Creek Conversations” to try to understand the community’s relationship with the waterway and how things can improve.  This will be a series of walk-and-talk, Zoom, and in-person meetings.  If you see yourself (or your organization) as a stakeholder in Lincoln Creek’s neighborhoods, we want to have you involved. Conversations are planned on these dates  but will continue into 2022:

  • Walk & Talk in Havenwoods, Saturday, November 13th, 10 am, Havenwoods State Forest, 6141 N Hopkins St.
  • Evening Zoom Conversation, Tuesday, November 16th, 5 pm
  • Afternoon Zoom Conversation, Tuesday, November 30th, 3 pm
  • Hopkins Hollow Exploration, Saturday, December 11th, 10 am.  Meet at 4410 N. Hopkins St.

To have a place at this table, or to get a summary of the conversations to-date, contact us by emailing contact@nearbynaturemke.org